software as a service

From CRM to business intelligence, your SaaS apps can rely on our platform for control, customization and monitoring

As the software as a service (SaaS) market continues to experience explosive growth, your app needs to perform better than ever before, and offer a better user experience, to keep from getting lost in the mix. Whether it’s social networking, CRM or productivity, business intelligence or IT Management applications, your SaaS solution needs to scale even more easily and be more reliable than before.

Social and mobile access drives growth in usage that your app and infrastructure needs to handle. Focus on building applications that deliver rich experiences without getting distracted by the underlying infrastructure – we’ll take care of that. You can build, deploy and iterate applications on our PHP, Ruby and Node.js stacks and AWS.

Here are a few ways you can use our platform for your SaaS apps:


Launch new features, apply updates, fix bugs and continually improve the user experience. We understand that the speed at which you get things out is critical.


Scale applications easily that go viral or see a huge spike in usage, while we ensure you get the capacity you need and that your application runs reliably.


Maintain close control over the underlying platform as you develop your app. We give you the flexibility of highly customized environments while still automating operational tasks.


Focus on your code and rich interface while we handle the load balancing, database backups, monitoring and alerting, security patches, compatibility within components and a lot more mundane infrastructure stuff that you shouldn’t be spending time on.


Run a single backend application that supports a wide variety of client devices and geographies to deliver a consistent, unified experience. This gives your customers the flexibility to engage with you however they want.


Receive hands-on support through our expert engineers that guide you from concept to post deployment. Our professional services team helps you develop scalable and highly available apps through their architecture assessments, migration services, and performance analysis.

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“We can dedicate our engineering team to developing key functionality for our products.” - Badgeville View Case Study


“We have an easy and repeatable deployment process that is 200% better than managing our own datacenter.” - Vitrue View Case Study