Deploy and scale your mobile backends on our reliable Platform as a Service

Mobile devices have changed the way we interact with applications and our expectations for reliability, user experience and convenience. Delivering software as mobile, web or hybrid apps is key to letting users access the apps on demand while generating additional revenue. From social networking to eCommerce to productivity solutions, mobile apps are an effective way to drive user engagement and always stay connected.

Your mobile backend application needs a robust and secure cloud orchestration platform. We give you the flexibility to scale and add new services as you grow, and you maintain ownership of your data and full administrative access to your virtual machines.

Here are a few ways you can use our Mobile Backend as a Service:

Deploy backends for mobile web and APIs for native iOS and Android applications quickly while we handle the complexity of managing and configuring firewalls, virtual servers, operating systems, application servers, databases, and load balancers.

Scale easily to meet traffic demands as your app grows in popularity. Never worry about keeping up with demand.

Deploy your app across multiple global regions to most efficiently reach your audience.

Retain ownership of your data and complete control over database servers.

Access expert, hands on support to help you plan and execute your mobile backend deployment, scaling and high availability strategies.

Integrate with a range of add-on partner services for load testing, monitoring and setting up non-relational databases.

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