Andy Tryba, Chief Executive Officer

Photo of Andy Tryba

Andy has spent the last 15 years as CEO of multiple successful startups, Director of Strategy at Intel Corporation, and advisor to the U.S. White House on the future of jobs and engineering talent. The common thread in all of these positions is his passion to drive the future of work in a global, interconnected society. Andy passionately believes that by enabling high-skill job growth, we can raise the standard of living across the globe. He received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University of Illinois and a MBA from Rice University.

Shawn Hermann, General Manager - Engine Yard

Photo of Shawn Hermann

Shawn Hermann is General Manager at Engine Yard. His career in technology spans over 15 years in roles from Network Specialist to Assistant Vice President. Having spent time in numerous industries, including Financial Services, Shawn brings a unique perspective to supporting cloud based solutions. His wide breadth of skills has enabled Engine Yard to methodically build a remote, world class and global team that spends each day supporting cloud technologies from the cloud.