Thinking Magento for your ecommerce application?

Small-scale storefront to enterprise shopping apps trust our platform for reliability, elasticity and performance.

Our cloud application platform supports a wide range of ecommerce applications, from small-scale store-fronts running within a single compute instance to enterprise shopping applications that require the reliability, elasticity and performance of high-availability clusters.

Our secure stacks include automated load balancing and fine-grained monitoring to give you the fault tolerance and visibility you need for a 24/7 ecommerce site, with essential services like persistent storage, data backup/restore and system diagnostics—all backed by the deep expertise of our support team.

Here are a few ways you can use our platform for your ecommerce apps:

Deploy custom PHP, Ruby and Node.js applications and leading eCommerce solutions from our partners, such as Magento. Easily add data stores required by Magento to your environment, such as memcached for caching and Redis for managing sessions.

Focus on shopper experience, user engagement and building loyalty and let us handle all server and infrastructure operations, log management, applying security patches and software upgrades.

Rely on automated processes to avoid downtime you can’t afford, including database replication and backups, failover to replicas and application server slaves when infrastructure fails.

Scale up and down in an instant to handle peak shopping periods like holidays and special promotions. We automate building clusters and built-in monitoring and alerts help optimize your performance.

Deploy apps and media easily across global regions to be close to users through simple CDN integration. Your apps will be resilient using geographical redundancy.

Take advantage of expert support from an on call team which proactively monitors your environment to minimize downtime. Our professional services team can also help you with deployment, scaling, high availability and PCI compliance best practices.

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