campaigns & promotions

Your high volume, interactive campaigns and promotions need a scalable platform and world-class support to succeed

Campaigns and promotions are mission critical activities for your business and serve as major vehicles for the brand. Whether they last for a couple of months or much longer, they need to run smoothly and reliably to keep brand perception positive.

By focusing on building effective applications and offloading the underlying environment and operational tasks to Engine Yard, you can reduce the number of issues that could cause your campaign applications to stumble. That way you can spend less time on infrastructure and more time creating stimulating experiences for your audience.

Here are a few ways you can use our platform for your campaigns and promotions:

Setup and deploy your campaign quickly and easily on our commercial-grade platform. Our automated processes allow you to launch your applications faster to save time and money.

Scale your site quickly and reliably to handle any amount of traffic and ensure you capture your campaign’s full potential.

Receive expert support for any deployment issues based on our extensive experience. Our professional services team can help with architecture design, launch services, load testing and scaling for your campaign.

Run a single backend application that supports a wide variety of client devices and geographies to deliver a consistent, unified experience. This gives your customers the flexibility to engage with you however they want.

Get full access to enterprise-level infrastructure that can be easily configured and customized to suit your exact timing and needs.

Integrate your campaign with a wide range of partner Add-ons for load testing, caching, performance management, content delivery, monitoring and more.

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