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Database analysis

To make sure your data-centric applications perform as efficiently as possible, you need an optimized database from the start.

You also need continual review and refinement of structure and query activity over the lifetime of the datastore. During a database analysis engagement, we’ll examine your datastore and provide you with reports that summarize key performance characteristics, including the identification of:

  • Inefficient queries
  • Missing indexes
  • RAM utilization and usage statistics

The metrics and recommendations included in our report will enable you to improve your application response time, predict future vertical scaling needs, and tune your application to perform at its best. If you’re interested in seeing an example of a datastore analysis report, email our team.

Custom deployments

Certain applications and environments require a level of customization that extends beyond the data infrastructure in our platform.

Our professional services offer the following customizations:

  • High availability (HA) and Disaster recovery (DR) solutions
  • Custom replication
  • Components not currently supported in the stack such as a new datastore

Custom backup and recovery tools

We can assist in creating custom backup solutions for a variety of usage scenarios, such as platform migrations and more.

When implementing a custom backup solution, we’ll review your environment and help you implement best practices to ensure your environment has the proper conditions for efficient recovery.

Vertical scaling

As you prepare to scale complex applications to handle increased usage, we can help you ensure that this growth happens as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Our professional services team offers the expertise and tools to speed up scaling while minimizing the risk of data loss. We can also work during off-peak hours to help you scale your environment during lower periods of usage.

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