application services

Migration services

Migrating your existing application to a new infrastructure may seem overwhelming.

Our experts will perform a needs assessment at no charge to scope the effort required to migrate from your existing platform.

Security audits

When was the last time you assessed the security of your web application?

Regular security audits are critical to understanding your current risk level and improving your coding practices. Our team of experienced security experts scours your application closely to evaluate your application against common security vulnerabilities, including the "OWASP Top Ten" and other security risks. Make sure you don't become the next data breach statistic! Email our team if you’re interested in seeing an example of a security audit.

Application performance analysis

Want to ensure your application is performing at its optimal level of efficiency?

Our experts will review and monitor all aspects of your application to provide you with a range of reports summarizing performance characteristics and presenting key recommendations. Get in touch with our team if you would like to see an example of an app performance analysis report.

Load testing

Getting ready to deploy a new app or launch a new marketing campaign?

Not sure how your application will hold up? We can create custom load testing scripts to give you the confidence that your app will perform when it counts. Write to our team to view a sample load testing report.

High Availability / Disaster Recovery consultation

You want to be confident that your applications and data are protected in case of an outage.

While fundamental high availability and failover tools and processes are built into our Platform as a Service (PaaS), we recognize that some customers have up-time requirements that require additional support. We offer consulting services to gain a deeper understanding of your needs and identify a set of solutions.

Launch services

Preparing to launch a new application or marketing campaign but concerned about how well it might run?

We can prepare you for a successful launch with dedicated expert engineers to proactively monitor your application and be available to take your call if you encounter an incident.

Quarterly maintenance

The majority of web applications being developed today utilize one form or another of an agile methodology.

This in itself is beneficial from a time to market standpoint, producing MVP (minimal viable product). However, once the cadence of releasing new code begins, there typically isn't enough time to pay attention to performance. With our quarterly maintenance program, you benefit from regularly scheduled application and database analyses that help minimize issues such as poor performance, resource errors, out of date software versions, and dissatisfied users. Our plan is spread out over a year and ensures that new code from the last 4 to 6 months has not negatively impacted the application and database performance. Each quarter, the plan alternates between application analysis and database analysis.

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