Live Life to the Fullest Knowing Engine Yard Has You Covered

With Engine Yard, you’re never alone and neither are your customers. Be as hands on or hands off with AWS as you want knowing we have your back. Need someone to handle DevOps as you grow? We can do that. Ready for an internal DevOps team to manage AWS but want your team to have support? We’re here. Want to offer your customers round the clock support? Our Network Operations Center is your Virtual NOC. Our Support Engineers are your Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support Team.

Engine Yard Services

We’re an extension of your team, offering application, database support, architecture recommendations, AWS management, White-Label Customer Support, and more. You work hard. We’ll make sure you won’t miss the important moments in your life.

Deployment & Professional Services

Attention split between your apps and DevOps? Let us worry about the DevOps. We can get your deployment engine started or refine your existing deployment solution. Focus on iterating on new code; we’ll ensure your operations continue running smoothly.

Managed AWS

Starting your application from scratch? Rebuilding your current deployment strategy? Our team of DevOps professionals can help. We’ll help you implement an Open Source architecture for your environment.

Database Support

Our DBAs are here for you! Since May 2009, they’ve been curating and progressively refining our cloud database stacks. Why reinvent the wheel when you can mind meld with them?

Microservices & Container Development

Whether you’re starting with a concept or refactoring an existing monolithic application, we have you covered. We can make recommendations, set up a proof of concept, train your team, and more.

Why Choose Engine Yard for Your DevOps and Tier 1 and Tier 2 Support Services?

Our service offerings are customized to your business. Based on your priorities, we create a plan that ensures access to the right experts when you need them.


  • 10+ years of Linux & DevOps
  • 20+ combined years experience with DBaaS in the Cloud
  • All Support Managers are certified AWS Solutions Architects
  • Capabilities across many emerging microservice technologies: Deis, ETCD, CoreOS, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm


  • Over 1 Billion hosted AWS hours
  • Virtual NOC hardened over 9+ years of operations
  • Consistent 98% customer satisfaction
  • White-label Tier 1 Support up and running within a week

The Who and How of Engine Yard Services

We can’t stand occasional operations hiccups. So while you’re getting your app ready for release, keeping your app up and running, or launching your product, we’ll make sure you’re not missing anything.

VNOC Telemetry Monitoring

Staffed 24x7, our Virtual NOC ensures you won’t miss a thing. If something’s not quite right, we’ll investigate immediately. Team maintains ownership until resolved.

Tier 2 or Higher Support Engineers

Worldwide, 30+ person team provides follow-the-sun coverage. We’re your front line of defense, triaging all customer requests in real time and solving Tier 2 issues without escalation


Our DBAs bring 20+ combined years experience with DBaaS in the Cloud. We’re up for any Postgres or MySQL query you throw at us!

We’re Your Support Team

Product adoption happening faster than you can scale your support staff? Expand the size of your team overnight with our Network Operations Center and world-class Support Engineers. Our white-label support team as a service handles your Tier 1 and Tier 2 customer support requests for you. Enjoy a good night’s sleep knowing that our engineers are delivering 24x7 follow-the-sun support worldwide.