how it works

Your application needs to be reliable, scalable and deployed quickly.

Our platform lets you focus on building great applications instead of worrying about the complexities of running the environment and day to day system administration and maintenance.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into how we do that.

When you create an environment through the platform, it boots a dedicated virtual machine (VM) from the infrastructure, provisions it and deploys your code.

The platform continually monitors and manages your running app’s environment, its stack and the infrastructure it runs on. Platform components (OS, database, middleware) and Add-ons interface with our core system for your app’s configuration and deployment.

Component Automation System Automation Lifecycle Automation
Component configuration management Backup management Platform hardening
Configuration optimization Snapshot management Patch integration and administration
Automated component deployment/restart Cluster configuration and management Key based authentication
Automated VM imaging Cloning administration Proactive vulnerability management and 3rd party assessments
Automated VM configuration Database replication Scheduled network tests
On demand scaling Monitoring and alerting Component stack control
Resource optimization Load balancing Resource dedication

User Access
You can configure environments
Deploy new applications
Monitor performance
Configure alerts and scale instances up or down

Set up your app in three simple steps:

  1. Provide your Git repository or select one of our sample applications. Specify the type of application or framework you need - PHP, Ruby or Node.js
  2. Create the application and customize your environment including runtime, database and web tiers
  3. Specify the number of and types of servers (application, database, utility) you wish to deploy
  • Every instance runs a Linux distribution maintained by Engine Yard.
  • Instances are optimized to best practices based on our extensive experience.
  • You can customize the default environment configuration with Chef recipes and optional packages.
  • Control your environment with either web or command line interfaces.
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