what we do

Changing the way applications are built and managed

How we help you

Our PaaS uses open source technologies to orchestrate and automate the provisioning, management and monitoring of applications.

The platform is commercial grade, secure and curated by our world class experts. We help you deploy and scale your apps and keep them running reliably.

Flexibility is key

We know that every application is different and never force you into a cookie-cutter deployment configuration. Every instance we provision for you is 100% dedicated, allowing you to access and customize it based on your unique needs. We‘re here to support you and give a helping hand along the way.

Product highlights

Curation and Optimization

We curate, optimize and maintain pre-integrated, pre-tested technology stacks for PHP, Ruby and Node.js applications, web and application servers, hosted and local databases, built-in monitoring and process management, an Engine Yard optimized Linux distribution, in-memory caches and more. We also manage inter-component compatibility, security patches and updates.


When you’re ready to deploy your application, our platform provisions a dedicated virtual machine on AWS and configures it as per your specifications.


We take care of the nitty gritty details around the git deployment, language particulars, package management (gems, npm, composer, etc), zero downtime deploys, rollbacks on failures, asset compilation, and many more.


Our platform lets you easily configure and load balances your environment as and when you need to scale up or down. Easily add additional instances to your app tier and those instances will automatically deploy with the correct, load balanced configuration.


Custom Chef recipes (a scripting tool for Ruby) and self-service provisioning allow for simple and easy management of your environments. We also give you access to powerful deploy hooks for more complex deployment scenarios.


Use our highly configurable and open platform to simplify ongoing tasks throughout your app’s lifecycle. We take care of database management, replication, automated backups and disaster recovery.


We constantly monitor your application and servers and send you proactive alerts as soon as problems are detected.


We provide operating system, database, network security and vulnerability management. We’re SOC 2 compliant and provide you with the necessary tools for HIPAA compliance.

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What’s in it for you?

Your application needs to be fast, reliable and scalable and our job is to make that happen. Our PaaS allows you to focus on building great applications without worrying about the headaches of day to day administration, management and maintenance. Leave that to us.

Here’s what we offer you:

Focus on building great apps instead of managing platform and infrastructure

Reduce infrastructure, support and DevOps costs

Scale applications rapidly

Increase agility and launch new projects faster

Maintain control over your application environment

Experiment with creative ideas easily: develop, test, deploy, iterate. Have fun