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Want to develop and deploy your clients’ applications on Engine Yard?

Hundreds of development shops, digital agencies and systems integrators have partnered with Engine Yard to develop and deploy their clients’ applications using our platform, services and support. If you’re looking for a company committed to working with you to deliver excellent results for your clients, faster time to market and relentless support, we want to work with you!

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Our success is built on the strong partnerships we have forged with the most important driver of our business - our development partners.

In addition to leveraging the Engine Yard platform to deploy, scale and support your clients’ apps, you will also be able to benefit from our Partner Junction program. Built with direct input from our existing partners, our Partner Junction Program helps businesses like yours succeed through incentives, lead generation, marketing and support. Highlights of the program include:

  • Lucrative financial incentives
  • Premium level support for advanced partners
  • Application migration services and complimentary test, development and staging hours
  • Access to client application data through our partner dashboard
  • Joint marketing activities

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Our team is yours


Focus on building your applications, let us do the rest

Many of our partners manage multiple client applications. Our Client Insights dashboard provides you with a consolidated view of all your client applications. With it you can: Get real-time access to individual client usage data - by environment or application View month-to-date reports either by hours or spend Export data to .csv for further analysis

Client Insights also gives you a simple one-page snapshot on the performance of your clients' applications based on eight commonly used health indicators. This is pulled using New Relic’s application performance management solution and helps proactively identify and correct potential performance issues.


We believe in giving back

Client Insights Marketplace

As part of our Partner Junction program we offer our development partners an attractive incentive program as well as access to an exclusive lead marketplace from MyCrowd, a crowdsourcing service. The incentive program compensates you with monthly commissions and spiffs, while the marketplace delivers exclusive PHP, Ruby and Node.js project leads.


Focus on building your applications, let us do the rest

Learn why development partners choose Engine Yard to offload system administration and operations, maintenance and support so that they can focus on building great applications.