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Engine Yard “State of PaaS” Survey Shows Growing Awareness and More Focus on Strategic Capabilities Enabled by PaaS

Companies Increasingly Leveraging PaaS to Speed Innovation and Delivery of Apps

SAN FRANCISCO – September 4, 2013 – With market awareness of Platform as a Service (PaaS) growing, businesses are taking a more strategic view of the operational improvements they can achieve, according to a new survey released by Engine Yard, the leading Platform as a Service. In “The State of PaaS: 2013,” Engine Yard reports that during the last year, companies’ reasons for using PaaS have evolved from strictly operational improvements to focusing more on how PaaS can enable faster delivery of apps, leave more time for application innovation and augment a team’s expertise.

“This year’s survey results confirm that as more companies become familiar with PaaS, they clearly understand how it can be used to drive innovation, build apps more efficiently, and improve the way they interact with customers, partners and their community,” said Rob Walters, CTO at Engine Yard. “Companies that adopt cloud application development are more nimble because they’re free of dealing with infrastructure details.”

Survey respondents continued to see a number of benefits to using PaaS, but in 2013 they were more focused on the strategic benefit than in years past, when issues such as improving operations and application uptime were top of mind. In 2013, 75 percent of respondents cited “augmenting your team’s experience” as a top driver of using PaaS, growing 21 percent since last year. Other top choices for using PaaS were “delivering apps faster to market” and “more time for application innovation.” These reasons may indicate a shift in how PaaS is viewed – not just for operational benefits, but for improving the effectiveness of an application development organization.

Almost two-thirds of respondents indicated that mobile apps (38 percent) and commerce apps (24 percent) are the most well-suited to run on a PaaS. Other ideal uses of PaaS are social and gaming apps.

Other key findings in the survey:

  • 71 percent of respondents indicated that they were familiar with PaaS technology
  • 30 percent said they had already implemented a PaaS solution
  • 13 percent reported they are planning to adopt a PaaS solution within the next year
  • The dominant languages used to develop applications included: Java, JavaScript, .NET and PHP

The annual Engine Yard “State of PaaS” survey was designed to gauge the drivers of PaaS adoption at organizations of all sizes. Forty percent of respondents ranked their company as a startup. Small and medium companies also were represented by 32 percent of respondents, and large enterprises made up 28 percent. The demographics of respondents covered a range of organization types. Approximately half of the respondents indicated that they work internally for companies that develop their apps, while others were contractors or worked for development shops or marketing agencies.

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