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Engine Yard Congratulates Rails Community on Release of Rails 3

Major Release Delivers Groundbreaking Flexibility and Security for Rails Users While Enabling Greater Use of Rails with Java

SAN FRANCISCO, August 30, 2010 – Engine Yard, the leading cloud computing platform for Ruby on Rails, today celebrated the release of Rails 3, a major update to the fast-growing open source framework used with the Ruby programming language. Rails 3 introduces many new capabilities, including simpler library management and improvements to the plug-in system that make Ruby more usable in large, complex development environments. Rails 3 source code is available to download at:

"The Rails framework is the clear ‘killer application’ for the Ruby language, but other uses will also drive increased interest in this technology in the coming years," said Gartner analyst Mark Driver. "Rapid growth and adoption in the developer community indicates that Ruby on Rails is poised to be the toolset in next-generation IT solutions, providing tremendous functionality."

"Rails is the evolution of web programming, because it makes our developers more efficient and productive – allowing us to develop code 5-10x faster than with other languages," said Charles Ju, CEO of PlayMesh, an Engine Yard AppCloud customer. "With over 9 million registered users of PlayMesh applications, we’ve also proven how efficiently Rails can scale in the cloud. This is where Engine Yard has really helped us, because scaling Rails is one of their specialties."

The release of Rails 3 extends the core strength of the language: the ability to build scalable applications quickly while retaining the power to make significant changes much more easily than with any other programming language. This flexibility is what helps teams that use Rails boost productivity and enable maximum code reuse. The same flexibility has also created new possibilities for developers to use Rails with existing Java applications via JRuby. Rails 3 is the culmination of the Rails and Merb merge that started in December 2008 and has significant new capabilities including:

•\tLibrary dependency management – Bundler, a new dependency management system in Rails 3, automatically detects and catalogs libraries in Ruby applications, so they are easily reused when an application is generated in a new environment. This benefits developers by providing a clear path for code reuse from development through to deployment. •\tPrevention of XSS vulnerabilities – Rails 3 is the first framework to prevent cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks with built-in default settings. While no language is immune to security issues, Rails 3 is the first framework to effectively block XSS attacks as well as common attack vectors such as cross-site request forgery (CSRF). •\tHTML 5 support – Rails 3 now supports new form elements, provides proper integrated support for audio and video and also supports any JavaScript library with unobtrusive techniques – all advancements that position Rails as an ideal framework for mobile application development. •\tNew Plug-in system – New management capabilities ensure more consistent performance of plug-ins throughout the Rails 3 lifecycle. This makes Rails applications even easier to modify and also encourages the creation of additional plug-ins. For more information on Rails plug-ins, visit

"Rails 3 is a significant step forward in providing the flexibility, security, and interoperability features required to make Ruby on Rails the preferred framework for building highly scalable web applications," said Dr Nic Williams, VP Technology at Engine Yard. "Every day more development teams realize that Ruby on Rails applications can be built and tested much more quickly because they simply require less code, creating competitive advantage and cost savings for businesses that run on Rails."

About Engine Yard Engine Yard provides cloud computing technologies and services for Ruby on Rails, including AppCloud and xCloud, Engine Yard’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) products for web developers and web teams. Engine Yard products provide easy-to-use, automated Rails application deployment and management with a design philosophy that allows for the migration of existing applications. Engine Yard employs top industry experts and sponsors or contributes to many Open Source projects such as Ruby on Rails, JRuby and Rubinius Headquartered in San Francisco, Calif., Engine Yard investors include Benchmark Capital, New Enterprise Associates, and among others.

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