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Engine Yard Announces Momentum of JRuby

JRuby seeing tremendous uptake among diverse industries in production-level applications

SAN FRANCISCO, November 18, 2009 – Engine Yard, the leader in Ruby on Rails automation and management technologies, today announced that JRuby is being chosen by organizations in a broad range of industries, such as astronomical research facilities, airport fueling systems, and open source project collaboration platforms.

JRuby is a fast Ruby implementation that runs on any Java Virtual Machine (JVM), so developers get the benefits of developing in Ruby on Rails while leveraging the power of the Java platform for enterprise systems integration and interoperability with legacy Java code. One of the most powerful features of JRuby is the ability to call out to any Java library as if it were Ruby code. The release of JRuby 1.4.0 contains support for Ruby 1.8.7, the best features of the JVM including high performance, real threading, and a vast array of libraries, as well as platform independence.

Organizations developing and deploying applications in JRuby call out scalability, high-performance, rapid deployment, and accessibility of Java libraries as the primary reasons for choosing JRuby.

"In just a few years, we’ve seen impressive growth in the use of JRuby for high-performance, scalable, production-level applications," said Charles Nutter, co-lead of the JRuby core team. "JRuby is becoming a trusted choice for developers who want to run Ruby on Rails on the JVM and Java platform."

Today, organizations using JRuby as a fundamental component in application development include the University of California Berkeley Radio Astronomy Lab, Project Kenai at Sun Microsystems, Datek Wireless AS, and EdgeCase for SCRIP-SAFE International.

"JRuby provides seamless access between the Ruby back-end code and the Java control system which drives over 40 telescopes at the Allen Telescope Array where we conduct simultaneous observation of SETI looks and astronomy research," said Colby Gutierrez-Kraybill, Sr. Software Engineer for the University of California Berkeley Radio Astronomy Lab. "As we complete our plans for 350 telescopes, JRuby will be an integral part of the system command and control. It would be much harder to integrate the systems without JRuby."

"We took advantage of the inherent scalability, performance and extensibility features of JRuby to build a reliable, high-performance collaboration and hosting service for open source projects like and," said Lea Wang, Engineering Manager for Project Kenai, Sun Microsystems. "JRuby enables us to pick best-of-breed Ruby gems and Java libraries and run our application on a mix of Sun x86 and SPARC platforms without recompilation of the Ruby gems."

"We chose JRuby as the development platform for our Airport Fueling and Dispatch System because it offers rapid development in the expressive and readable Ruby language and a multitude of Ruby and Java libraries," said Uwe Kubosch, Systems Developer for Datek Wireless AS. "Our experience has been that JRuby is a stable and reliable platform, with great support from the core JRuby team and the JRuby community."

"We used JRuby to rebuild a secure electronic transcript platform from the ground up for SCRIP-SAFE International," said Joe O’Brien, Co-founder for EdgeCase, LLC. "JRuby allowed us to take advantage of our preferred Ruby syntax while harnessing a large number of Java libraries that were critical to the project."

These organizations are also currently using JRuby in production-level applications:

  • Collaborative Software Initiative, Inc. launched CSI TriSano™, a citizen centric surveillance and outbreak management application for infectious disease, environmental hazards, and bioterrorism attacks. JRuby provided the required scalability and performance to support local, state, federal and international public health officials.
  • Finnlabs has developed, a multi-language online dictionary. This high-performance web application is built on JRuby and designed to serve millions of queries a day.
  • Solertium has migrated the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species to JRuby and is realizing significant improvements in speed and manageability, at a third the cost.
  • WestEd has built an artificial intelligence system for interpreting student test results and developing targeted remedial plans. JRuby provided seamless integration between the Ruby-based student testing application and the AI system.

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