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Engine Yard Announces JRuby Support

Opens up Rails cloud and application deployment expertise to JRuby users without requiring infrastructure changes

JAVAONE, San Francisco, Calif. (June 1, 2009) – Engine Yard, the leader in Rails automation and deployment technologies, today announced that it is adding JRuby to its suite of supported Ruby and Rails runtimes. Organizations developing JRuby applications can now take advantage of Engine Yard Solo, the first Rails Cloud to market, and Engine Yard hosting services, which include the company's unique "You write it, we run it" commitment. With this announcement, Engine Yard becomes the first production cloud to run real applications on JRuby.

JRuby is the Ruby implementation of choice for companies with significant investments in Java infrastructure. It allows for the incremental adoption of the Ruby language by allowing easy integration with existing Java libraries. Additionally, it allows Ruby and Rails applications to run easily on existing Java application servers that have been selected as standards within an organization.

"We're very excited about Engine Yard supporting JRuby," said Charles Nutter, co-lead of the JRuby project. "This will bring JRuby's performance and scaling to Engine Yard customers, and Engine Yard's legendary Rails expertise to JRuby users."

The Engine Yard decision to provide JRuby support stemmed from requests from Java-based customers and partners that wanted to leverage existing libraries and infrastructures but also deploy their applications to a Rails cloud.

"JRuby enables us to leverage our expertise in Java and Ruby, to use the strengths of both because we want scalability, security and integration," said Joel Parker Henderson, senior software architect at WestEd, a national nonprofit research and service agency. "Now, hosted applications can get the benefits of Engine Yard's Rails expertise while integrating with Java libraries and infrastructure."

"Our goal has always been to offer peace of mind when it comes to application deployment and management," said Tom Mornini, CTO of Engine Yard. "By adding support for JRuby, we are further opening up our cloud and making that confidence accessible to the wide array of companies that have built themselves around Java."

Engine Yard JRuby support will be released in beta in early July. For more information, go to or visit Engine Yard at booth #509 at JavaOne.

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